Bird Watching

For all the bird watching enthusiasts the coastal savannah, foreshore waterways and wetlands of Crab Claw Island offer an amazing array of birdlife.

Species commonly found on and around Crab Claw Island include – Australasian Grebe; Little Pied Cormorant; Little Pied Cormorant; Australian Pelican; Jabiru; Brolga; Rufous Night Heron; Crested Hawk; Osprey; White-breasted Sea-Eagle; Bush Thick-knee; Australian Bustard; Masked Lapwing; Common Sandpiper; Sacred Kingfisher; Hooded Parrot; Torresian Imperial-Pigeon; Azure Kingfisher; Rainbow Bee-eater; Australian Owlet-nightjar; Black-tailed Treecreeper; Blue-faced Honeyeater; Great Bowerbird and many more.

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